Automatic creepage and clearance analysis

AutoCrear – ALT

With the AutoCrear software, companies master the complexity of electrical clearance and creepage distances.

To prevent hazards caused by electric sparks, Electric assemblies must comply with strict safety regulations for creepage and clearance distances.

The Problem

Designers often resort to manual measurements and rough approximations without a software tool, which is not only time-consuming but also highly inaccurate and often leads to expensive production pipeline loops.

The Solution

AutoCrear is a robust and efficient software for analyzing creepage and clearance. It uses advanced algorithms for handling complex metrics and can process large assemblies. It allows designers to detect and eliminate safety violations in the early design stage, optimizing the production of electric assemblies. AutoCrear is a standalone tool that can import data from any leading 3D-CAD-system. As a result, AutoCrear generates an automatic report, which can be supplemented additionally. The time saving for this process is enormous. ‍

Your benefits using AutoCrear:

  • Time saving: AutoCrear can save engineers significant time in measuring and documenting creepage and clearance paths on CAD designs, reducing the process from several days/weeks to just a few minutes/hours.
  • Cost saving: AutoCrear can save thousands of Euros per assembly in manual measurement and documentation costs, and also provides insurance against costly production loops or product recalls caused by missed violations in manual measurements.
  • Quality increase: AutoCrear enables engineers to design compact electric assemblies while ensuring compliance with industry regulations for creepage and clearance, avoiding the need for added safety distances between nets.
  • Safety: AutoCrear ensures accurate computation of creepage and clearance paths, avoiding the risk of unsafe product releases and recalls caused by missed violations in manual measurements.
  • Usage: AutoCrear can be obtained both as a standalone tool that supports popular CAD formats and as a plugin for PTC Creo Parametric.

More information

Additional information can be found in this video. Daniel Loosli will be happy to provide you further details about Autocrear: you can book an appointment right here or request a demo / test licence.


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